Drone technology is evolving at a pace that is almost unmanageable. The capabilities that are released almost daily, are a perfect fit for fire-rescue. Drone use in the fire service is still in its infancy. Many departments are looking at using drones, or have begun to, but the full benefits of having a drone in your toolkit is still being discovered.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent because of firefighter injuries. The introduction of sUAS in to the fire service is a low-cost, technically advanced tool that is going to save lives and money.

One of the primary goals of any incident commander (IC) is the safety of their responders. With the advancement of sUAS products, Cobb UAS can help your department reduce that risk. The deployment of sUAS during an emergency response, will provide a new perspective and updated methodology for tactical and strategic firefighting.  ICs will have immediate access to a variety of sensor data including:

  • HD video
  • Thermal imaging
  • Weather conditions
  • GPS coordinates

Even if helicopters are available, why spend $1,000s in operating costs when a sUAS can be deployed quicker, cheaper and without the risk to a flight crew? These smaller, more maneuverable aircraft can get in closer than commercially available helicopters can. With the rapidly changing development of sUAS technology, the use of these lifesaving devices will become the norm instead of the rarity.

Aerial Imagery

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Flight Training

Before we even take to the sky, we spend the time to make sure your team understands how to operate your aircraft safely and legally. After the classroom portion, our team of flight instructors works with your pilots to develop basic and advanced flying skills.

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Need help integrating sUAS in to your operations? Our NIMS certified team can help you develop policies and procedures to ensure successful integration.

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